SUBSTRATE | Grupo Antolin


We have a large variety of state-of-the -art technologies to transform materials and surfaces. These technologies are applied according to client requirements, providing optimal solutions in weight reduction, cost, esthetics, acoustics, portability and safety.

Main headliner substrate technologies

  • Glasutec: Semi-rigid foam base made of polyurethane and fiberglass.
  • Glasupreg e Hybrid: Synthetic fiber (and foam) base made of fiberglass.
  • Thermoforming: Synthetic fiber base. Thermoplastic process.
  • Green foams

  • We minimize environmental impact
  • We reduce the carbon footprint of the end foam
  • We offer a large variety of customizable solutions that are pioneers in sustainability and environmental respect such as the green foams made mostly of a natural polyol known as NOP (Natural Oil Polyol) that is obtained from ricin seeds, a renewable source that does not compete with human food. These foams meet high requirements for elasticity, stiffness, low weight, acoustic absorption and low smell and emissions; in addition, the production process, which begins with natural oils, is more simple and safer.