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Our way of doing things

At Grupo Antolin it's not the goal, rather the path for reaching it. CSR is our essence and conduct as a Company, as persons, as suppliers, as clients, and as part of the society in which we live and carry out our activity.



TO 2 - stakeholders


Integrated management with our stakeholders is a guarantee for building the future.

We convert into participants of our Corporate Social Responsibility all of those groups, in general, and persons, in particular, directly or indirectly related with the corporate project and upon which may exert a certain level of influence.



A responsible and transparent business management that guarantees that shareholders are fully represented in our Board of Directors.

The company is owned by the Antolín family since its establishment in the 50s. In 2004, the company decided to strengthen its strategy for expansion by increasing its capital through a consortium of Spanish financial entities.



A responsible commitment for a better World.

We are aligned with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies and Codes of Conduct of our clients whom we accompany in terms of geographic, technical and human resources as first-level suppliers.


Human resources

A multidisciplinary team that makes the difference.

Composed of professionals, men and women, with different nationalities and from a diversity of cultures, whose potential and shared knowledge come together within a single project: Grupo Antolin.

See Our people



An extension of our sustainable business model.

It is these whom we involve as participants in our Corporate Social Responsibility policies and procedures so that their actions, founded upon ethics, transparency and respect for fundamental human rights and the environment, will in turn progressively expand across their own supply chain.

See Suppliers



A commitment transformed into action.

Thanks to our close collaboration with entities, associations, public and private bodies in economic, academic and social realms, that integrate our corporate project with the needs, demands and activities of the communities in which we are present.

INNOVERSIA - formation

We are committed to training and cooperation as drivers of growth and personal and social development mainly targeting the emerging countries in which the company carries out its activity.


GREEN FOOTPRINT Commitment to environmental protection

We materialize our commitment to the environment by dedicating time and resources for managing waste, consumption, efficiency and energy management and social awareness.




Accounted for in all process

Our environmental strategy is based upon a systematic inclusion of the Environment in all of our processes.

We develop, manufacture and supply products with high added value with a lower impact on both the environment and our costs, so as to improve our competitiveness in the sector.

Lines of action:

  • Innovation process (reducing weight, biomaterials, natural fibers, etc.)
  • Design of new products and manufacturing processes that efficiently use resources and energy.
  • Search for recycling options for components at the end of their useful life.
  • Our commitment to the Environment is proven by the following:

  • New ISO 14001 certificated plants in 2013 are: Grupo Antolin-Magnesio (Spain), Grupo Antolin-Ostrava (Czech Republic), Grupo Antolin-Bratislava (Slovakia) y Grupo Antolin-Silao (El Derramadero, Mexico).


    Environmental and Energy Policy

    Seg. y Salud Laboral


    Integrated in all processes

    Grupo Antolin a leading company in the design and manufacture of car interiors, declares its commitment to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) of its employees and therefore establishes the need to implement, develop and maintain updated a suitable management system.

    This commitment goes beyond strict compliance with the legislation in force since the objective is to protect, promote and optimize the occupational health, safety and welfare of the people who work in our organization.

    Grupo Antolin undertakes to:

  • Comply with all legislation, regulations and other requirements that may apply to its activities, products, services and different stakeholders identified.
  • Prevent any health damage or deterioration by promoting healthy environments and habits to increase the welfare of the people both in the workplace and outside it and in the community as a whole, on the basis of the epidemiological characteristics of each group.
  • Integrate the OHS Management System into the management of the Group's organization,taking into account all the activities and stages of the processes, direct and indirect.
  • Promote work on research into the design and development of processes and products that are safer and more ergonomic for the employees and customers.
  • Assign the material and human resources necessary to achieve these objectives.
  • Ensure the informing and training of the employees, as well as their participation in decisionmaking.
  • Establish suitable communication channels within the Group to ensure that both the employees and their legal representatives and other stakeholders are aware of and understand their interactions and responsibilities in the Management of OHS.
  • Encourage the continuous improvement of the OHS Management and Performance System.
  • Make this policy available to all internal and external interested parties, so that they can be aware of it and apply it.
  • Design of safer and more ergonomic processes and products  in order to prevent injury and ill health of our employees and customers.
  • Implementation of OH&S management system as a tool to control risks and optimize occupational health and safety.
  • Promoting safe behavior of our employees in their daily activities.
  • Our commitment to occupational health and safety is evidenced by the following data:

  • 33 Grupo Antolin companies have achieved the certification certification until June 2019, 31 of them in OHSAS 18001 and 2 of them in ISO 45001.
  • "Healthy Company Program" currently implemented in Grupo Antolin Headquarters, Technical-Commercial Offices and in most of the production plants.
  • Reduction of -15.53% of the Overall Frequency Index in the first four months of 2019.

    Occupational Health and Safety Policy



    To be the leading car interiors company, creating value for our stakeholders



  • Family Spirit - our identity
  • People - key to success
  • Innovation - the foundation of our future
  • Passion - for a job well done
  • Contribution - to the development of society
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