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Our products combine design, innovation and sustainability

We manufacture products that are technologically sustainable, based on two premises: light and green, thereby contributing to lower CO2 emissions. This is our way of making a commitment to the environment and to our clients.

Grupo Antolin is present in 9 of the top 10 best selling cars in the world

It is present on the inside of the world's best-selling cars, providing the interior equipment for more than 500 different models.

We dominate the complete product cycle: conception, validation, industrial process, assembly and sequenced delivery of the product.

We have 151 production plants and JIT (Just In Time) centers and 22 technical-commercial offices.



Number 1 worldwide

We are the largest worldwide supplier of headliner substrates. We have a large market share, which means that 1 of every 4 cars in the world sports one of our headliners. 

The Overhead System (modular headliner, substrate, sunvisors, lighted headliner, soft trim) is a business line that represents 41% of all the Group's sales.

We provide out clients with global solutions and local support in order to satisfy our client's needs as regards sustainability, weight reduction, customization, improved safety, design and comfort. Our multi-technological offer and a complete network of production plants and Just In Time centers allow us to pursue any level of integration anywhere in the world.

We maintain our position as leaders by enhancing research in innovative solutions. We are committed to the development of more ecological and lighter Light & Green headliners by using natural fibers, foams and green adhesives. Our efforts are also focused on including advanced fabrics that improve perceived quality and functionality, as well as new fastening system concepts for modular headliners. 



We are flexible in order to satisfy the needs of each of our clients, from simple trim to the most complete modular integration, which provides our headliner trim with the complex functionalities, turning them into modular systems that include the following components: 


  • Substrate
  • Sunvisors
  • Lighting
  • Wiring
  • Handles
  • Stow spaces
  • Fastening systems
  • 'Head Impact' Safety
  • Air conditioning
  • Antennas
  • Front and side airbags 
  • Panoramic solutions
  • Loud speakers
  • Electronics

    We supply the logistics service required for each program, achieving substantial savings in cost and time and simplifying client management and resources, while improving assembly ergonomics.


    We have a large variety of state-of-the -art technologies to transform materials and surfaces. These technologies are applied according to client requirements, providing optimal solutions in weight reduction, cost, esthetics, acoustics, portability and safety.

    Main headliner substrate technologies

  • Glasutec: Semi-rigid foam base made of polyurethane and fiberglass.
  • Glasupreg e Hybrid: Synthetic fiber (and foam) base made of fiberglass.
  • Thermoforming: Synthetic fiber base. Thermoplastic process.
  • Green foams

  • We minimize environmental impact
  • We reduce the carbon footprint of the end foam
  • We offer a large variety of customizable solutions that are pioneers in sustainability and environmental respect such as the green foams made mostly of a natural polyol known as NOP (Natural Oil Polyol) that is obtained from ricin seeds, a renewable source that does not compete with human food. These foams meet high requirements for elasticity, stiffness, low weight, acoustic absorption and low smell and emissions; in addition, the production process, which begins with natural oils, is more simple and safer.







    Multi-technology in all segments

    All our technologies adapt to each market to satisfy the most varied requirements as regards weight, safety and customization, complying with the demands of all segments. 

    We provide added value to the needs demanded by our clients, including several functions that adapt to the complexities of current headliners:

  • Various positions
  • A variety of linings: PVC, fabric, Samoa fabric (Grupo Antolin), Alcantara (Alcantara SpA), leather and no lining
  • Various types of mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Ticket holder
  • UGDO/HomeLink (Gentex)
  • Extension
  • Double sunvisors
  • Airbag labels according to vehicle sales market
  • Our efforts are focused on advanced strategic lines to reduce weight, LED lighting, customization, lowering thicknesses and linings.

    Sunvisor technologies

  • Body in PP
  • Body in EPP
  • Body in PP without lining and stamped finish
  • Carton with metal frame and foam
  • Foam of PE with skeleton

    SKY-FX, our first lighted headliner

    Our interest in producing a comfortable environment in the vehicle interior and our profound knowledge of the headliner product have made it possible to launch the SKY-FX on the market; a headliner with integrated lighting that offers multiple design and customization options. An innovation patented by Grupo Antolin that makes us leaders in this sector.



    SKY-FX: Design - Customization - Comfortable environment

    The headliner is lined with SWAN, a specific fabric developed by Grupo Antolin that possesses high customization properties. A flocked fabric which, in this case, consists of several layers of different materials to comply with all the necessary requirements (elongation, opacity, easy cleaning, abrasion and light resistance).



    After trimming, the headliner is lasered with a process prepared for various designs and shapes, resulting in a variety of possibilities, such as day and night effects. A multicolor variation (RGB) is also a possibility.



    Our first lighted headliner in the market opens the doors to new markets and product variants, such as multicolor lighting and the STAR-FX, a concept based on lighting integrated in the headliner with LEDS that define a variety of drawings and shapes.




    Panoramic headliner

    There is a growing trend in the market to increase the glass surface of the top of the vehicle in order to achieve better vision, lighting and sense of space.

    Thanks to our profound knowledge and domination of the headliner function, mechanisms and electronics, we offer a variety of panoramic headliner solutions with integrated glass and headliner, using two basic technologies: manual and electric. These windows include increasingly advanced materials and reinforcements that provide excellent levels of rigidness and safety to the vehicle. 


    Panoramic windshield

    Wish (Windshield Integrated System Headliner) is our response to the current demand for panoramic windshields, a system that provides passengers with the enjoyment of a sensation of almost unlimited space and visibility that meets all the requirements for ergonomics, comfort and perceived quality. Safety is also guaranteed thanks to the rigid build of the passenger compartment and the high level of stability offered by the panoramic windshield.




    Multi-technology offer

    In recent years, the door function has been the main protagonist of our company's expansion, currently representing 32% of total sales. Multitechnology, maximum integration, global implementation and flexibility for handling a wide range of versions positions us as leaders regarding this function.

    The door is an essential design component in which multiple features converge. It has transformed into a carrier of diverse components: electric and electronic devices, lighting, padding, and acoustic features which provide safety and comfort.

    At Antolin, we are experts on trims for doors and mechanisms, a technological synergy that allows us to offer a broad scope of modular solutions. We develop, manufacture and sequence door panels that integrate innovative product-process technologies and materials seeking to reduce weight.

    As regards mechanisms, our extensive range covers from simple power windows through to complex modules and intelligent systems. Manufacturing power windows of materials like magnesium and plastic reduces the amount of required components, resulting in decreased weight and improved properties.



    Due to the product's peculiarities, the traditional assembly chain for doors is enormously complex. Our solution is the module: it makes compatible technical and functional features with design, safety and perceived quality, while simplifying the assembly chain. Furthermore, our door modules are lighter, thanks to technological applications for lowering weight and optimizing materials.

    Modules are supplied by sequencing plants, simplifying the assembly process and the management of diversity and quality, undeniably impacting global efficiency in economic terms. These solutions allow us to offer our clients an extensive technology offer, perfectly adapted to their requirements.


    Plastic cassette - Door Hardware Module, DHM



    The conventional door is replaced with the Grupo Antolin DHM built-in door cassette module decreasing weight and costs, compared with conventional solutions.

    Our plastic module integrates:

  • Power windows
  • Lock systems
  • Loudspeakers
  • Wiring
  • Safety systems (padding’s, airbag sensors)
  • Latches
  • Waterproofing
  • Door handles (interior and exterior)
  • Other electronic components
  • Incorporates Banjo-type power windows, in single and double track versions for front doors. Plasma-treated, polyurethane waterproofing system that permits plastic applications. Another technology applied during the process is the shape of the profile for manufacturing power window tracks.


    DTM Door Trim Carrier Module

    This is the maximum exponent of modular integration. The door panel is transformed into an element that houses all functions and integrates waterproofing, safety, power windows and electronics. The DTM permits the same assembly sequence, simplifying assembly processes and facilitating diversity and quality in client-management, regardless of the vehicle's models or variants.

  • Power windows
  • Lock systems
  • Loudspeakers
  • Wiring
  • Safety systems (padding’s, airbag sensors)
  • Sealing
  • Interior door handles



    Our multi-technological offer in door panels allows us to provide each market and client with optimal solutions. We supply panels for vehicles across all segments by integrating weight-reduction technologies.

    We supply door panels in numerous and diverse variants, integrating a large variety of technologies (injection, spray-skin, thermoforming, ultrasonic welding, hot-riveting). 



    Door panels technologies


  • Woodstock (wood sawdust +pp)    
  • Blown woodstock    
  • Natural fibers + pp    
  • Thermoplastics sheets (abs, pp,...)    
  • Wood fibres with thermoseting resins    
  • Cotton fibers with thermosetting resins    
  • Natural fibers with thermostting resins (pur / epoxi)    
  • Hardboard (wood sawdust pressed with natural and phenolic resins)


  • Standard injection molding    
  • Back injection molding
  • Injection compression molding
  • Extrusion - compression
  • Biinjection    
  • Gas injection    
  • In mould decoration    
  • Pur  injection (open tool)    
  • Pur injection (closed tool)    
  • Pur overinjection    
  • Soft touch Grupo Antolin    


  • Welding / riveting: Ultrasonics, High frequency, Vibration        
  • Covering: Vacuum with films (PVC,...), Pressing covering, In mould graining        
  • Cutting: Lasser, Waterjet, Hot knife, Punching

    Edge wrapping:   

  • Ultrasonics, Hot air welding, Glue application

    We are specialized in doors for high-quality premium vehicles in different technologies.

    Our ideas fit in our clients’ modular strategy and can be easily implemented in series production.



    Since 30 years ago, we develop and manufacture power windows for doors of any morphology as another component of the Door Function, meeting all requirements as to quality, cost, weight and simple assembly on the client's own chain.

    Our added value consists of providing solutions ranging from steel and stamped aluminum to magnesium and plastic injection for all segments. We are the only European-wide certified supplier for aluminum and magnesium power windows.

    Cable window regulator:

  • Single rail: Steel / Aluminium / Plastic

  • Double rail: Steel / Aluminium / Plastic

    Window regulators for doors without frame:

  • Front: Magnesium / Plastic
  • Rear


    Our advances focused on electronics are a key element of our products, responding to the challenge posed by the integration of increasingly complex electronic functions in the automobile.

    We have extensive experience in designing, validating and integrating motors in power window systems. These motors incorporate an anti-pinch protection electronic systems, enabling automatic and safe activation as well as integration within the vehicle's electronic communication networks.

    We offer our clients complete Tier I service, both as regards Engineering as well as industrial supply, participating across all levels and all phases of these electronic motors' life cycles (conception, prototyping, validation, integration and control of production), for which we count with a top-level network of suppliers.




    Grupo Antolin sheds light on its strategy



    With the acquisition of CML Innovative Technologies in 2012, Grupo Antolin consolidated its position as leader in the overhead function and allowed the company to obtain a place in a market with great expectations through the integration of the advanced technology of CML.


    This purchase has leaded Grupo Antolin to increase the added value and functionality of several of our traditional products (headliners, door panels and seats) and this will have a positive effect in helping them to grow beyond their current production levels, contributing to the pursuit of new projects.


    Grupo Antolin capabilities

    As one of the key players in the market, Grupo Antolin pays special attention to Innovation, bringing the technologies of the future to the new programs, maintaining strong development competences, mainly in electronics and optic design (solid modeling and simulation).

    The production capabilities are vertically integrated, mastering the complete industrial process from R&D, conception & tooling to assembly, packaging & delivery.

    The company possesses a great expertise in tooling design and manufacturing (both injection and metal stamping) and also in process development (automatic assembly) and testing.



    Grupo Antolin develops and manufactures virtually any type of lighting (interior and exterior) in the vehicle, with the exception of headlamps. Some examples of these lighting functions, specifically for vehicle interiors are:



    Multipurpose lamps:

    These are small cost efficient lamps, without external activation, with incandescent bulbs or LEDs.

    The use of metal stamped circuits and different optic designs allows for a high degree of standardization in order to cover the wide range of vehicle positions that this type of lighting requires. Using press-fit connector pins and automated assembly line also LED versions are produced in high volumes.


    Overhead consoles:


    This type of assembly often integrates many other functions, apart from the reading or courtesy lights, such as: storage bins, conversation mirrors, microphone, alarm sensor…

    Activation is also especially important here, so the current overhead consoles and reading lamps features different type of activations: from push-push lens to backlit micro-switches with reduced travel or even capacitive switching, which triggers the activation with a simple touch of the user, eliminating the motion of a button tree.

    With the use of the LED´s, color change, different activation modes and other new functions, this type of products is adding more and more electronic content.


    Ambient lighting:

    Ambient lighting provides a great design freedom: while indirect lighting highlights the volumes and the shapes, providing a feeling of space, direct lighting can define outlines and specific corporate designs and does not rely on the color or shape of a secondary surface.


    Following the new design trends, these solutions are incorporating multicolor LED lighting (RGB with color mixing). The range of the ambient lighting products goes from a component level (light module with or without specific optics) to solutions where the lighting in completely integrated in the interior trim.


    Safety is another benefit of ambient lighting, especially during night driving. It illuminates the necessary functions in case of need, adding comfort to the driver.





    Exterior lighting is used by car manufacturers as a way of differentiating their brands and models. Daytime running lights (DRL), which was made mandatory for all new vehicles in Europe in 2011, is a good example of this trend. More and more new designs and shapes determine the styling of the DRLs which typically use LEDs.

    A vehicle using LEDs instead of traditional bulbs for all lights and turn signals could achieve a saving of as much as 2.8 gr. of CO2 per km.


  • DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
  • Others:
  • Side repeaters and turn signals
  • License plate lamps
  • CHMSLs licence
  • Puddle lights



    With a wide range of technologies and processes, we create cockpits with style, convenience and functionality suitable for vehicles differentiation and customer value maximization. Currently representing 21% of total sales.

    Nuestra experiencia en el desarrollo de interiores de alta calidad, nos permite diseñar y fabricar paneles de instrumentos y cockpits que se caracterizan por sus acabados y prestaciones.

    For a highly integrated cockpit module, Grupo Antolin offers full responsibility for design, development and sourcing, including EE components. Our innovations are focused on flexibility, cost-efficiency and weight reduction solutions.


    A cockpit module usually integrates the instrument panel, center console and several control functions as well as wiring harness, instrument cluster, steering wheel…

    We have proven capability to supply fully assembled cockpit modules built to sequence and shipped just in time.  Due to more efficient use of our clients’ floor space, increased assembly plant flexibility and opportunity for increased throughput is achievable.



    The instrument panel is a key element of the cockpit module, a sophisticated system of trims, foams, composites and metals that houses various components, acting as a safety device for the vehicle occupants.

    Seamless leather Passenger Airbag (PAB) system

    First in industry to supply seamless leather PAB system. Innovations in processing and unique cutting methods were required to achieve 'burst-through" leather. We supply seamless PAB IPs in hard and soft surfaces, including foam in place, laminate, and hard plastic.

    Print Mold Design (PMD)

    An industry first, PMD is the injection molding of shaped and double-sided screen printing foils.  Using foils of up to 1 mm in thickness allows for an array of design possibilities, such as strong 3D effects, that are not achievable through any other technology.  The material resists scratching, fading and cracking.  PMD is highly flexible in volume production and offers unparalleled distinguishing characteristics for vehicle interiors.

    IMC PVC Surface

    This technology combines in-mould coating with a powder slush process, and allows painting an instrument panel with a two tone color surface in a one step process. Through this technology it is possible to control the haptic feedback separately from the optic appearance. The tactile feel can range from velvety to rubbery.



    Our floor/central consoles could help achieving sufficient driver-accessible storage, a top consumer complaint across all vehicle segments.

    We offer a flexible storing space between the front seats, while integrating different functions useful for the end users. Additionally, in order to prevent annoying squeak & rattle, our designs are fully validated to ensure best quality including the perceived one.



    Expansion close up

    The multiproduct profile of Grupo Antolin has managed to develop its competencies, on a global scale, to be capable of responding to our clients' demands, regardless of location.

    Responding to market trends, we manufacture linings for automotive interiors, a wide offer for which we boast of the technological capacity necessary to manufacture molds and tools for development-related processes.

    Our extensive product portfolio includes: pillars, lined inserts for dashboards and doors. Likewise, Antolin is proud to offer a notably broad offer for trunks, given that we manufacture, amongst others: fixed and movable trays, hood modules (LTM Liftgate Trim Module), soundproof liners, compartments and a diversity of plastic linings for trunks.



    Pillars have evolved into a key element of perceived quality of automobile interiors. For Grupo Antolin, adjusting the pillars to the roof substrate is a main issue of roof function design, as much for safety reasons, airbag deployment, as well as for responding to the demand for an overall harmonious interior as a result.

    Grupo Antolin develops technological solutions taking into account factors such as regulations on head impacts, the possibilities offers by its new fabric linings, and the integration of lighting.

    Vast know how in manufacturing surface decorated components. Focus on Premium segments.

    ABC superior and inferior decorated pillars.




    The acquisition in 2011 of the Italian company CRS entailed the incorporation of Incotech technology, by which thermoforming and plastic injection coincide in the same production cycle. This competitive technology permits for manufacturing, in a multitude of materials,

    lined inserts for instrumentation and door panels, amongst other components.



    Grupo Antolin is a global leader in the development and production of fixed and movable trays, through various processes. Our technological control over the thermoforming process for the roof function allows our company to transfer its expertise to tray manufacturing. As a result, both the process and the end product are optimized to the maximum.

    The new fabric linings developed by the Group, such as Swan or Samoa, allows for increasing the perceived quality of trays for both sight and touch, as well as improving the price-quality ratio.



    Grupo Antolin designs and manufactures liners for trunks, linings for floors and other auxiliary functions, through processes like injection and thermoforming, thereby striking a balance between the 3 key factors demanded by manufacturers for the trunk function: cost, weight and acoustic behavior.

    Products developed by Grupo Antolin for this function are:

  • LTM (Liftgate Trim Module).
  • Side liners for trunks.
  • Load floors.
  • Cargo management systems.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Storage bins and plastic parts...


    The benefits at a glance:

  • Great weight savings in relation to standard tufts.
  • Improved quality level – best possible covering power.
  • No breakage on round areas.
  • Very Clean finished edges.
  • Increased end user satisfaction – thanks to easy-care handling.














    Acoustic comfort

    The acoustics inside a vehicle is becoming one of a manufacturer's leading concerns. Noise, in addition to being a source of discomfort, also transmits certain product-related information. It may convey the idea of sturdiness or fragility, power or smoothness, and without a doubt, is able to create a positive, subjective impression called Acoustic Quality.


    DEADENER (DVD: Dämpfung Verstärkung Dach)

    The Deadener is a vibration damping element attached to the bodywork's metal roof for vibration absorption and structural reinforcement. Grupo Antolin provides the technical resources for designing and manufacturing this component, optimizing weight, stiffness and level of damping, at an unbeatable cost.



    The Underbody Shield is a thermoplastic composite mounted below the bodywork to protect mechanical parts from impact, splashes or humidity. But not only that, it also improves aerodynamics and reduces both fuel consumption and noise in the compartment.

    Grupo Antolin has the technology required for their design, manufacture and supply to help the client obtain an optimum design that fulfills expectations.



    The Hoodliner is a soundproofing component on the hood used to absorb noise generated by the motor, avoiding its seeping into the vehicle's compartment.

    Grupo Antolin uses the most modern, highest level technology to make the pieces fire retardant (FR) without liquid retardants, maximizing acoustics and minimizing weight. Another competitive edge, Antolin has forged important collaborations for its roof-manufacturing processes, wherefore they may be manufactured anywhere worldwide.

    Metal Components


    Proven experience with metalworking

    The metalworking experience of Antolin transforms into the possibility of designing and producing metal components through diverse technologies: Welding, Curving, Bending, Stamping and Profiling. 

    Our added value lies in more flexible designs, lighter weights and less consumption of material, with a considerably lower investment. 

    Most relevant products in this category: 

  • Bulkhead
  • Door reinforcements
  • Structural side reinforcements
  • Power window tracks
  • Door frames 
  • Window guide rails
  • Window supports
  • Battery supports
  • Structural cross-pieces
  • Roof arches


    Our competitive advantages reside in our broad practice in designing and manufacturing tools and machines for profiling systems. The use of ultra-high limit elasticity materials positions our final products at the cutting-edge of our clients' demands in terms of costs and technical requirements.



    Advanced solutions



    Industrial technology solutions based on advanced carbon materials:


    Carbon and Graphene Nanofibers 

    Grupo Antolin is committed to product diversification by offering innovative solutions based on advanced carbon materials for industrial applications across diverse sectors, such as power production, wind energy, aeronautical, sports, construction, chemical and automotive industries.

    To improve the properties of its clients' components and/or processes, and based on its broad experience in the production and application of GANF carbon nanofibers, Grupo Antolin has developed several customized products tailored to its clients' needs. 

    Grupo Antolin leads the " Innpacto Project": Dinnamic IPT-2012-0429-420000



    Graphene, the material of the future


    Research on graphene, a revolutionary material, was acknowledged with the 2010 Nobel Prize. Its application in structural materials and advanced products in the fields of electricity, electronics and energy (batteries, solar panels, chips, computers, etc.) are being studied.

    Grupo Antolin has developed a novel method for obtaining high-quality graphene oxide through industrial processes to diversify industrial activity toward other value-added sectors, both in economic and technological terms.

    Grupo Antolin is the sole supplier of graphene oxide in the European project Graphene Flagship






    Products based on advanced carbon materials


    Solutions tested across diverse sectors.


    Resin-based dispersion provided by the client for solutions tested across diverse sectors.