Panoramic headliner

There is a growing trend in the market to increase the glass surface of the top of the vehicle in order to achieve better vision, lighting and sense of space.

Thanks to our profound knowledge and domination of the headliner function, mechanisms and electronics, we offer a variety of panoramic headliner solutions with integrated glass and headliner, using two basic technologies: manual and electric. These windows include increasingly advanced materials and reinforcements that provide excellent levels of rigidness and safety to the vehicle. 


Panoramic windshield

Wish (Windshield Integrated System Headliner) is our response to the current demand for panoramic windshields, a system that provides passengers with the enjoyment of a sensation of almost unlimited space and visibility that meets all the requirements for ergonomics, comfort and perceived quality. Safety is also guaranteed thanks to the rigid build of the passenger compartment and the high level of stability offered by the panoramic windshield.