With the acquisition of CML Innovative Technologies in 2012, Grupo Antolin consolidated its position as leader in the overhead function and allowed the company to obtain a place in a market with great expectations through the integration of the advanced technology of CML.


This purchase has leaded Grupo Antolin to increase the added value and functionality of several of our traditional products (headliners, door panels and seats) and this will have a positive effect in helping them to grow beyond their current production levels, contributing to the pursuit of new projects.


Grupo Antolin capabilities

As one of the key players in the market, Grupo Antolin pays special attention to Innovation, bringing the technologies of the future to the new programs, maintaining strong development competences, mainly in electronics and optic design (solid modeling and simulation).

The production capabilities are vertically integrated, mastering the complete industrial process from R&D, conception & tooling to assembly, packaging & delivery.

The company possesses a great expertise in tooling design and manufacturing (both injection and metal stamping) and also in process development (automatic assembly) and testing.